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How to Watch Big Brother Celebrity (Quebec) Online

How to Watch Big Brother Celebrity Online

How to Watch Big Brother Celebrity (Quebec Tv Series)– Where to watch Big Brother Celebrity Online? Below, we’ll explain how to watch Big Brother Celebrity online from the US or anywhere outside Quebec.

TLDR – Watch Big Brother Big Brother Celebrity

  1. Get NordVPN (72% off on a 12-month plan)
  2. Connect to a Quebec server’s location.
  3. Head over to Noovo – Big Brother Celebrities Channel
  4. Watch current and all previous episodes of Big Brother Celebrity for free!

Big Brother Celebrities Season 3 is the third edition of Celebrity Big Brother in Canada. Big Brother Celebrities is the Quebec celebrity version of the international reality show Big Brother. The first season premiered on January 10, 2021, the second season on January 9, 2022, and the third season of the reality tv show is slated for January 8, 2023.

The show premiered on January 8 2023 and will last for 13 weeks and air Monday to Thursday at 6:30p.m & Sunday at 7 p.m on Noovo and every day by 10 p.m. on VRAK. There will be a spin-off show called Big Brother 7/7. This show will feature exclusive never-before-seen content of the best celebrity moments around the house

Big Brother Celebrities will be hosted by singer Marie-Mai Bouchard and will feature 15 Quebec personalities from all walks of life entering the Big Brother Celebrity house, a sumptuous mansion on ÃŽle-Bizard. Living together around the clock, under the watchful eye of the cameras, celebrities will be completely cut off from the outside world

They will try to form alliances and overcome various challenges to make it to the finale. After 13 weeks of isolation, only one celebrity will be voted the big winner by the participants eliminated during the season. In addition to the honorable title, the winner will also pick up prizes consisting of a Cadillac Model car, $25,000 in cash, and another $25,000 donated to the cause or charity of their choice.

How to Watch Big Brother Celebrity Online

We’ll only be recommending official sources for watching Big Brother Celebrities. While you may find unauthorized streams online, they’re likely to be of inferior quality with excessive lag, spam ads, and low-resolution video.

How To Watch Big Brother Celebrity in Quebec

Big Brother Celebrity will air exclusively on Noovo a Canadian French-language terrestrial television network owned by Bell Media which is only available in Quebec and in some bordering markets in the provinces of Nova Scotia, Eastern & Northern Ontario, and New Brunswick via cable or antenna and nationally via satellite.

If you live in Quebec, you can watch Big Brother Celebrities live on You can also watch previously aired episodes as well as live feeds.

How To Watch Big Brother Celebrity in the US or Outside Quebec

All Episodes will be available on the official website. But you’ll need a VPN to get a Canadian IP Address in order to watch it online and we recommend NordVPN for watching Big Brother Celebrity from anywhere in the world.

Free VPNs (including a popular one called “Hola” which people frequently talk about) are not at all recommended. You get what you pay for (in the sense that they are usually slow, unstable, and oftentimes barely work) and there is a reason they are giving them to you for free (they are using your connection to operate their VPN network).

Celebrity Big Brother is produced in Quebec by Entourage Television, in collaboration with Bell Media. This is a multi-platform production that viewers can find on:

  • Sunday at 7 p.m. on Noovo, see elimination night. It is during this evening that the candidates will make contact with Marie-Mai, their only external contact, and vote to eliminate one of the celebrities.
  • Also on Noovo, Monday to Thursday, at 6.30 p.m., the show will air daily during which different stages and challenges of the competition will take place.
  • Monday through Sunday at 10 p.m., this time on Vrak, see BIG BROTHER 7/7. Original content, original discussions, moments of life, etc. This 60 minutes a day will please fans of the show who won’t want to miss out on life in the house!
  • All of this content will be available on, along with a ton of exclusives, capsules, and never-before-seen moments.

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